How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

I am not a love guru,  nor a love expert, I just want to share  my personal experience because I  am a wife of an overseas Filipino worker. I know there are lots of women who is going through the same experience I had to go through to adjust, hope this article could help you.

Our son is growing up and we have to send him to a good school and at the same  time our expenses  are continuously increasing and we are aiming to have a house that we could call our own.  Because of these reasons,  me and my husband decided  few months ago that its for time for him to  look for a greener pasture.  We have finally decided that He would try  his luck in Singapore.

The first  month was the most difficult part, it’s hard to sleep in bed alone, watch movies alone,  stay at home during  my rest days  and sometimes  keep my  thoughts to myself since I have no one to go out out with and  to  talk with.  I even miss our small fights and never ending discussions over different things.  I have never thought that I it is going to be very hard.

How do we make it work?  We never fail to communicate, we talk to Skype almost every day and every time there is a chance. We talk about a lot of things just like when  He was here.  Trust is  our major ingredient  to make this long distance relationship work.  It is not easy but you have to trust your partner. Being far away from each other  is both difficult for you, don’t make it  harder by  not believing  and understanding each other’s situation.  Don’t waste time, grab every opportunity that  you can get  to tell your  partner how much you  love him/her. Support each other,  when your partner feels weak,  provide comfort, make your partner that everything is going to be okay.  Do not be selfish, relationships are always about giving and taking.  Listen,  you don’t have to do the all talking all the time during your conversations.  Respect, there are times that you might not talk same as your normal routine because he might be tired from his day, instead of throwing a tantrum make him feel that you understand.

It is no easy and I know there are  more challenges that we might be facing along the road.  What’s important? We are in this journey together and we will continuously love, respect and trust each other.   I think these are the keys that  would make my  long distance relationship work.

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Yes or no to SODA

As a mother you think of nothing but the well-being of your family.   All you want is the best for them and you will do anything  to make life easy for them.  You will be at a point where you would be confused to either let them be  happy with what they want  or choose what is right because that  is the best for them.

I just had a perfect example of this situation few days ago. I have never allowed my son to eat instant noodles or drink carbonated  drinks such as colas. The reason why? Because I know that it’s not good, he will not get any nutrients from eating these junks.

Two days ago my  phone rang, my son called  and was asking me if he can drink some sodas and  he even promised that he will drink a lot of water after.  Of course my answer  was a big NO! His next question, how come other kids are allowed to drink  colas and he is not?  So now, here comes my dilemma,  how can I possibly explain to my 3 year old son that  soda is  not good for his health  while other kids are allowed by  their mom to drink it.

I know if I had allowed him to drink the soda, he will be happy and satisfied. As a mother how should I decide? Isn’t this frustrating? Am I exaggerating?  Who can tell, I’m just a mother who wants the best for my kid.


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My Thoughts on Quitting my Job

I am now  at the  point of my life where I had to choose between my career  and  my  family.  I never thought that I will be in this situation and this is something that I am not ready for.  Before finally deciding, I have considered a lot of factors.  A friend  told me once “ At the end of the day your success will  not be measured  based on how good are you as a Manager,  but  people will  look at you and judge  on how you raise your  kid, how are you as a mother and a wife”.  This made me decide, after working for over eight years   my life now is going to change, it’s a 360 degrees turn around.

Four years  ago,  life was  plain and simple,  I come in to work, wait for my pay day,  look forward  to see my friends, go out on Fridays, same  routine every day. I did not even notice the changes but as I now think about it, I just realized that I am no longer the same person, everything had changed.

Seeing my son learn new things is now my source of happiness and my greatest achievement.  It makes me feel proud that at 3, my son already knows how to write the alphabet, he can identify different colors and shapes; he has an idea about gravity, and planets.  All I want now is to see him grow healthy, intellectual and a God-fearing person. This would not happen if I spend most of my time at the office.  There are mothers who could balance the two, work and at the same time take care of their kids and I envy them.

So it’s now time to say goodbye to the corporate world, and hello to parenthood.   This is not forever goodbye; I will just take a long leave. I will miss the early morning rush, the deadlines, the escalated calls, the never ending meetings, and a lot more. I am forever grateful for all the experiences, challenges and all the things I learned from working. Every end has a new beginning and I am just so excited to start all over again.


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What You Don’t Know About the Call Center Industry

When you say you work in a call center, most people would imagine you sitting at your desk with your headset on, just following a work flow designed based on your process, reading scripts, with same routine every day.  Others say, that you don’t even need  to  be  intellectual or a college degree holder, as  long as you could speak good English  the Call Center world is for  you.

This is a misconception of everybody about the industry.   Yes, you have to be good in speaking English, but what the industry needs is good communication skills. How you deliver a positive or a negative statement, your choice of words, and the tone of your voice. There are scripts provided, but they are just there for guidelines.  There are scripts that you have to state verbatim, it is because there are laws and regulations that the process needs to follow based on consumer policies.

The behavior of an employee is another factor that the call center industry considers.  Just like other professions, as a call center employee you have responsibilities.  You don’t just come in, take in calls, take your breaks and end your shift.  There are standards that you have to meet, you have a scorecard that you need to maintain to keep your job, and there are procedures that you need to follow to maintain the quality of your work. You have a manager that coaches you, same as how a school principal coaches her teachers. You have a quality monitor to ensure that you are doing what you are supposed to do, same as how project engineers check the output of his engineers on a specific project.  There are meetings that you have to attend for updates and there are reports that you need to deliver at the end of your day.

Promotion and career development is also something that the call center industry offers.  You will not take in calls forever.  Just like other industries in the corporate world, from being an agent you can become a manager, a quality analyst, move to IT department or become the head of your process. Your promotion will depend on your performance and behavior. These are the reasons why you just don’t have to be good in speaking English, because there are a lot of opportunities for one to develop his career in the Call Center world.

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